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My 7 days on IndyWeek


Let’s check out the FINAL FOUR days of My 7 days on IndyWeek (check the entire spread with the Best Of issue next week). I enjoyed keeping track of my whereabouts and looking back on AN ENTIRE WEEK was cool. Well, after my first IndyWeek stalks Zach entry, I was actually told to eat more vegetables. Cool?

And I only hit the gym ONCE last week. What?

THE ZW TIMELINE: I typically work until 2am (often later) and wake up by 830am everyday. The DSI Comedy Office IS my house, so its really just a quick brush my teeth, make coffee and get back to work.


1130am Carolina Fitness, 45 minutes on the elliptical to film a couple episodes of ZW Works Out — We can assume I went to the gym EVERY DAY until this project started, Right?

5pm The Old Well at UNC Chapel Hill for an AWESOME wedding rehearsal, for DJ PJ and Assistant DA Jeff Nieman and the lovely Stephanie Poole. Fantastic weather.

645pm He’s Not Here for a private rehearsal dinner. Sweet Water in Blue Cups and ribs catered by Pig Masters. Oh, and a record number of speeches! … Because of the Blue Cups


11am ACME Food & Beverage Co. for BRUNCH! — what didn’t I eat? So good. I somehow got ousted as the Mayor of ACME on Foursquare and I’m working to correct this.

2pm Berkshire Manor West for impromptu pool party. SPF15. Left just after a lesbian hipster scolded two kids for flipping off a ladder. Not even I’m strong enough to mediate that conflict.

4pm Franklin Street Courthouse to get ready in the judge’s chambers and take wedding pictures. My favorite, 12 Angry Men in the jury box.

530pm Old Well for THE WEDDING! Fantastic weather. Not fantastic? Charcoal gray suits.

6pm R&R Grill for dancing and Fat Tire. Not necessarily in that order.

11pm Bada Wings in Carrboro for latenight snack. We were the only people in the entire place and they were playing jazz. Crazy scene from When Harry Met Sally. Or maybe Twilight Zone.


9am My Bed, where I stayed for a couple more hours. It was a Holiday.

130pm Mediterranean Deli for takeout BRUNCH! (Can you consider hummus and lamb Breakfast?) Apparently Med Deli was the place to be on Memorial Day.

230pm Downtown Hillsborough for Med Deli BRUNCH with the Revels family. Historic.

5pm Best Buy at New Hope Commons to pick up The Wire. After debating buying each season I got the entire series. OMAR COMING (After one night I’m on Episode 4)

6pm Whole Foods in Durham to get ingredients for dinner at home. Walked past a couple, wife loading up the cart while Husband shook his head and said, “Shit be cheaper at Kroger.”


930am DSI Comedy Office to #Hustle after the Memorial Day Wedding Weekend.

1230pm Top of the Hill to meet with Barry Leffler from 1360WCHL (we talked about the Station, Chapel Hill-Carrboro, DSI Witness News and a New super-secret comedy podcast)

3pm Weaver Street for a DSI Summer Intern Interview

4pm DSI Comedy Theater to work and prepare for 6-8pm IMPROV 501 class

930pm Tyler’s Taproom (Carrboro) for Young’s Double Chocolate Stout and to catch up with Paula Pazderka about her new job at RTI and writing her book — watch out Sedaris Family!

Alright, Back to work. Where do you go most?

My DSI Thanks

My turkey was mostly digested (and two pieces of pumpkin pie), The Godfather Marathon on AMC started over again, and I was at my desk working at my home-office – which many guests insist should be called an office-home after they see it – when I sent the following message to my current company of 45 performers at DSI Comedy Theater, thanking them for another incredible year:

“It’s been amazing to see our shows and teams take off over the past 12 months and for the company to simply enjoy the benefit of SO MUCH talent on stage and support off stage. We have so many things at the theater to be thankful for, and so many new friends this year, but I just wanted to take a minute to say to everyone, You’re AWESOME. Truly. Nothing we do could happen if we didn’t all jump in 100% to help make the theater run the way it does.

We are a family of incredible talented and supportive friends that work together, play together and give back to the community in really meaningful and inspiring ways. Because of our dedication to the team and our philosophy of play the community we live in benefits from our creativity and generosity. Positivity, Trust and UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORT are what made our Theater thrive. So thank you. I’m looking forward to another incredible year.”

DSI was born out of the Dirty South Improv Festival (now the NC Comedy Arts Festival) My company started teaching improv classes and producing comedy in North Carolina in 2003 and now, three Training Centers later (so much painting!), we have taught over 800 students. We have performed more than 1000 shows in our own theater (so much vacuuming!), and over 300 shows in other venues.


My company and I have donated time and expertise to help raise money for organizations all over the Triangle. Our Annual 24LIVE Comedy Marathon (now YLAUGH) has benefitted the IFC Shelter, The Women’s Center of Chapel Hill, NC Children’s Hospital, WCOM, and the Chapel Hill-Carrboro YMCA. Food drives for tickets have been incredibly successful and allow our Fans to help us help the community. DSI Comedy Theater was a major sponsor of the Anderson Park Disc Golf Course with the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Sunrise Rotary Club. We have provided corporate training, communication services, event facilitation, and custom entertainment at significant discounts to The ArtsCenter, Self-Help, Local Motive, Reality Check 2009, Leadership Triangle, Chapel Hill-Carrboro LeadershipLineberger Cancer Center and more.

DSI Comedy Theater currently offers 5 shows per week, FREE – $10. Our Comedy Training Center opens new classes every month in standup and improvisation. A member of our DSI Faculty coaches GIUSEPPE, our DSI High School improv team, every Friday after school. Our DSI Witness News writing staff has work featured On Air at WCHL 1360 every weekday (and podcast), over 120 episodes and counting.

And our 10th Annual Comedy Festival is just 2 months away.


How Thankful am I? More than I can explain.

I couldn’t have accomplished half of these things over the past 9 years without my DSI Family. I am constantly amazed at what people can accomplish when they work as a team. We teach agreement – We teach unconditional support – But when I see those fundamentals put into action like I have with my own company it can still make me overwhelmed by the power of improv. Our philosophy of play and constant discovery built this theater. I am thankful for a company of performers and staff that constantly works to improve themselves. Always. DSI figures things out while they’re happening – “Fall, then figure out what to do on the way down.” Right Del? – Well, we jumped. And whenever we jump we always look up. Interesting thing about constant discovery (and constant jumping), it NEVER feels like we hit ground. So either I was out of my mind when I decided to open a theater or else working towards a goal where you enjoy process as much as product, surrounded by so many positive people, it just feels like you’re floating ALL THE TIME.

Happy Thanksgiving.