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Another Home Office

I work from a home office (112 HWY 54 CARRBORO, NC 27510 / for those of you who want, You can stalk me at home on Brightkite) and I’m excited by how people organize and set themselves up for success.

Right now I’m typing from Another Home Office, the office of Christine Walters, Professional Speaker and Owner of ComedySportz Richmond #RVA, RICHMOND, VA, I don’t know the zip.

Calendars, check. Computers, check. Fax machine, I guess people still fax, check. Stacks and stacks of papers, binders and books. But most of all, VISION, check. She has a board with her clear VISION of what she wants to do and be. I like to see that. So many entrepreneurs FAIL to make effective use of their home office because they don’t have that VISION laid out clearly. Walters has a board with specific goals and concrete plans to achieve them. An office-home or home-office could be everything you need it to be if you set those goals, treat your day like work (respect the work schedule) and treat your home LIKE AN OFFICE, you know, when you cross the office threshold.¬†All that to say, I like this home office.

OH, Why was I in the RVA you ask? I’m producing the Richmond Improv Festival (November 4-6, 2009) and had a staff meeting to confirm the venue, plan marketing and prep sponsorship details. I’m proud to help support the funny business happening 3 hours North of MY home office in Carrboro.