Working Man’s Lunch

I was not aware that Fullsteam Brewery was in GQ until yesterday (Way to #Hustle guys)

They were featured back in August, right before the Brewery officially cut the ribbon and opened for production. It was a pretty AMAZING article that directed people towards Beer culture in North Carolina. And whether or not Fullsteam “saved” Southern Beer (I’m not sure Sean would have approved that exact spin on the article) it was HUGE publicity for a New Brewer that supports its competitors.

My readers know I’m a relatively new BUT AVID Beer Fan. And I like EVERYTHING that comes out of Fullsteam, Well … Except for Hogwash (Smokey Porter – Not my favorite). But as a business owner, I am most impressed with Sean’s passion and his ability to work for a year to build anticipation for and a community around a product that follows through. Quality. Quality people. Quality product.

A lot of people feel like Sales can be fake, and PR like the article in GQ can be excessive (smarmy) and not “authentic” but when you BELIEVE in both your product and your ability to exceed expectations unwavering confidence can make the difference between success and failure.

I Am Sold. And Fullsteam WILL succeed. Why? Because it has a quality product and someone at the helm who isn’t afraid to sell. I myself am writing this post while enjoying a growler of Working Man’s Lunch, a Chocolate Stout which I bought today at R&D for ONLY $14. You should pick one up.

Do you have examples of products that got Hype and delivered?

What about organizations that sold HARD but didn’t back up the Hype?

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