Hmm, what does it taste like?

Entrepreneurs might simply enjoy all the labor and hard work, but I am preparing for that blessed day when I can FINALLY say I WON THE GAME and FINALLY celebrate by EATING my victory. That’s what I’m working for after all. My celebratory feast. And so that all my ZW #Hustle does not go to waste, I would like to know what victory tastes like, OFFICIALLY — I mean, maybe I’ve had victory before.

Does it taste like an iced coffee from Parker & Otis?

Or like a peanut butter, banana & honey… WITH BACON!

What exactly does victory taste like?

If I’ve had victory before and I didn’t know what it tasted like was it not still victory? What if I ate it in the woods and only the trees were around to hear me chew? How do you know? How do we recognize victory? How do we EVEN know when we have the right ingredients to make the meal we THOUGHT we wanted?

… But if true victory IS the process of hard work,

… And if my hard work tastes like Iced Coffee and PB&B&H(&B),

… Well, Back to the Hustle!

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