Your Secret Network

I realized last week after seeing PHISH on July 1, 2010 at Walnut Creek that A LOT of people I consider professional acquaintances enjoy the same jam band my personal friends give me looks about — Well, maybe more of my local professional acquaintances since I’m from Carrboro (READ: Paris Woodstock of the Piedmont) — But you know the looks I’m talking about. Yeah, you do.

The same judgmental looks you made when you saw “Phish” just a couple sentences ago.

Well, it was an AMAZING show. And regardless how you feel about Runaway Jim, Fluffhead or Halley’s Comet, it made me realize you never know how you might connect to people. So do it, get to know the “PERSON” BEHIND the people you know… And unlock Your Secret Network.


Enjoy the Super Secret Phish Show podcast (mp3)

Any interests you want to share? You can tell me. ZW can keep a secret.

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