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I was scheduled to speak Friday on a panel at the Social Media Business Forum, a panel with Jeff Cohen (@dgtlpapercuts) and Gregory Ng (@gregoryng) about leveraging video for Social Media marketing.

Jeff runs a web show called North Carolina Wine TV and Greg runs a show called Freezer Burns.

What do I do? I inconsistently put up funny clips about producing comedy, traveling, promo for comedy, and sometimes… COMEDY! I had a lot to say on the panel. I talk too much. We covered technique, tools, story and distribution. I realized that, because of an outburst (on my part), I am incredibly passionate (READ: angry) about large businesses and organizations who do NOTHING because they take too much time to analyze the laundry list of possible consequences, which too easily become excuses for INACTION. Start ACTING and experience the consequence. A conference participant was talking about her company not wanting to start a channel on YouTube because of the brand being associated with “related” videos that could be harmful to the character of the company. Lame. Lazy. And Soon-to-Be Left Behind.

Our FOUR Questions:
* Why are we doing video? Does video make sense for our Business? Client? Etc.
* How do we do the video? Lighting, Audio, Editing, Record in HD (flip) Now for Broadcast later.
* What should the video be? Story Concept, Brainstorming, PLAN YOUR SHOOT!
* Where do we get the video out to maxmize its impact? Greg and Jeff suggest Blip.tv

I think we do video because it engages our audience COMPLETELY (well, as completely as we can right now) by engaging more of their senses. If people read our story, they can be distracted – by what? the audio and “video” around them. If we record an mp3 they still have the “video” distraction, the moving pictures of the world in front of them, the world you can see over the top of your computer screen. Now, with video we still fight the problem of touch, smell and taste – which begs the question: Will online video ever reach the level of the Shrek 4-D Adventure on your laptop At HOME?

We all agreed that audio quality was more important that video quality, but as far as video quality it doesn’t take hours to adjust the lighting. Trial and Error and see what works. Start taping and experience the consequences. You can buy a flip camera for under $200 and start taping in HD now. Why HD when the Youtube HD vs Standard doesn’t make a significant difference on our audience impact? Greg argues the benefit of your show being Broadcast quality LATER with just a little effort NOW.

You video should be genuine, authentic. It should have personality and convey a story. These are not new Social Media goals. But you NEED TO KNOW what your goal is with each video you produce. Is your video the actual content (the ‘product’) you want to sell? Is your video a call to action for a specific ‘product’ sale? Is your video marketing a brand? But in any of these cases, Are you set up for people to either make a purchasing decision or to continue to engage in your brand online, immediately after the clip ends. But going back to the content, We didn’t have time for the following questions: (1) What makes a good compelling story or clip? (2) What sets a clip up to be viral? (although we agreed that 2 MILLION viral hits does not beat saturation of an small engaged audience that has the potential and desire to “buy in” to your product or brand service) or (3) Who should be responsible for the development of content? Brand Managers? Interns?

We talked about where to get your video out and it was clear that you should go everywhere (Youtube, Vimeo, Viddler, Revver, etc). CLAIM YOUR BRAND NAME on every possible site that comes out. You don’t have to spend time there but get your username, update details about your company with a link back to your site. Who knows what’s going to be the “next” big thing and you definitely don’t know where every segment of your audience wants to go to consume video content. So I learned something, Greg and Jeff BOTH use Blip.tv for their online video blogs which they update multiple times per week. Blip requires that you upload once and it sends out clips to every video site online. And my panelists felt like Blip has the most reliable and clean wordpress embedding plug-in of any site online right now (My feedback on that later).

Anyway, a lot of great content. Such a short time. If you want to learn how to create story and build character you should take improv classes. If you’re anywhere in North America, contact me and I can help you locate an improv theater with classes. If you’re in North Carolina, you know where to go.

Some Retweets from the Session:
@schneidermike: If the material is over produced, it doesn’t feel like a personal message.
@smbusinessforum: RT @lruettimann: What is your video doing for you?

Thanks to @ginnyskal, @schneidermike and others for your part of the conversation.

I was honored to be invited to speak. Thanks #OurHashtag.


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